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File Folder Games

File Folders are donated to local Non-profit Organizations for children and Refugee run Pre-schools here in Utah.  They are used as a tool for children and their parents learning English as a second language.

File Folder Game Instructions

1.  Print Pattern from the file folder links below on white cardstock.

2.  Color cardstock pages with permanent markers or colored pencils.

3.  Cut out cardstock shapes.

4.  Glue pieces shown on each file folder instructions page to a color file           folder.

5.  Make sure to glue the name of the game onto the tab and any other     pieces needed to show what the game is on the front or if there is a answer   key, glue that to the back of the file.

6.  Place the other pieces in a small sandwitch size Ziplock bag and place in     the center of your color file folder ready to be laminated. 

7.  Return file folder games to our Stitching Hearts Service Center located

 391 W 700 S, Unit 2 in Pleasant Grove.

Click on the File Folder Game Downloads below:

Choose which ever or how many games you would like

1.   Beep Beep: Beginning Sounds DOWNLOAD PDF

2.   Butterfly Blends DOWNLOAD PDF

3.   El E. Phants: Long & Short Vowel Sounds DOWNLOAD PDF

4.   Jumping Out: With Antonyms DOWNLOAD PDF

5.   Fishing Fun: Addition DOWNLOAD PDF

6.   Trunk Traders: Addition & Subtraction DOWNLOAD PDF

7.   Bookworm:  Short Vowels DOWNLOAD PDF

8.   Football Fun:  Beginning Letter Sounds DOWNLOAD PDF

9.   Flower Power:  Consonants DOWNLOAD PDF

10. Home Alone:  "R" Sound DOWNLOAD PDF

11. Leaf Letters:  Beginning Consonants DOWNLOAD PDF

12. Snug as a Bug:  Short "U" Words DOWNLOAD PDF

13. Me & My Shadow:  Addition & Subtraction DOWNLOAD PDF

14. Math A Magic:  Addition DOWNLOAD PDF

15. Sub Traction:  Subtraction DOWNLOAD PDF

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