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Whether you are looking for a quick and easy service project or need help planning an event, Stitching Hearts consultants work with you to make it what you need.  We prepare materials, supplies and bring equipment.  Providing training for your employees to have a successful fun service activity.   We make sure there is something for all to do!   

Work Parties

Employee Service Events

Community Service

Projects we offer:  Quilting, Plastic Sleeping Mats, Lovey Comfort blankets.  We offer Non-Sewing projects too.  There is something for everyone at all skill levels to do.  We teach and train and provide the supplies.

Stitching Hearts is a 501c 3 tax exempt non-profit organization.  Any donations above the cost of materials for your event will be tax exempt.  We appreciate your generosity to help us keep our doors open - allowing many others the chance to serve!

Not for you? Explore other ways to help.

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