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Service Projects

Take a look at all of our current service project items and see what interests you.  Come join us by serving at our Warehouse in Pleasant Grove (391 W 700 S Unit 2) or arrange to pick up a product kit from an Area Manager near you to work on at home.  Your finished items will be distributed to our partner charitable organizations or delivered by Stitching Hearts to those in need. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.



We accept finished quilts of any size. If sewing quilt tops with SHW materials, please use our suggested measurements below:

Baby: 45" x 60"     (or close to these measurements)  

Throw: 54" x 64"  (or close to these measurements)  This quilt size is donated to The Refuge

Twin: 72" x 86"     (or close to these measurements)

Queen: 84" x 90"  (or close to these measurements)


These quilts are going to help Refugees, Domestic and Sexual Assaulted Survivors.

We are partnering with other organizations like Catholic Community Services (CCS), Lifting Hands International, The Refuge and other organizations to get these desperately needed bedding items they are asking for.

Marble Mazes

Marble Mazes help children and those with anxiety

These Marble Mazes are made from soft fabrics with a marble inside that can be moved through the maze.  They involve using your hands to calm an overloaded or anxious brain.  They ground you, give you a sense of control and decrease feelings of anxiety. These are also being requested by The Refuge to help with sexual assault survivors, and others.


We rent out quilting frames for groups to use for service events.  We are gathering as many quilts as we can to help send over our love to Refugees being displaced from their homes and families all over the world.  Sign up on our Host Own Event by filling out the form or email for more questions.


This is to show you how we load our enveloped quilts needing to be tied.

We are working to get as many quilts tied or quilted as quickly as possible to keep up with the need for quilts to be delivered to those in need.  We appreciate any help you can give.  If you do not have your own quilting frames you may rent them from us. or calling Anna at (801) 669-1590. Thank you!


We always need quilts for our ongoing donations to local Refugees being relocated in Utah and for other Non-profit organizations like The Refuge (helping sexually asaulted individuals right here in Utah Valley).  We appreciate any help you can give, whether from your own fabric or using our fabric to make and tie these quilts.  We use a double threaded kneedle with quilting yarn.  Ties should be approxamatly 5in apart and double knotted.

Any help to make these quilts is greatly appreciated!


Given to New Baby Programs local and abroad

These soft receiving blankets are a source of comfort for newborn babies to keep them warm and to let their mothers know they are loved by the special care that is given in making a special crochet edge for each one.


These Sleeping Mats are being donated to homeless here in Provo, those living in the tunnels under the city in Las Vegas, and to St. George for the homeless there.

These mats keep someone 40 degrees warmer - making the difference of freezing to death or not.  They give protection from the ground and are easy to clean.  A stuffed pillow of bag ends and crocheted bags for the handle make a complete sustainable solution for plastic bags.  

Sleeping Mats Video 2: Prepare bags for weaving

Sleeping Mats Video 3: Load the loom, weave, and finish the mat

Sleeping Mats Video 4: Making the cord

Sleeping Mats Video 5: Sewing and stuffing pillows

Sleeping Mats Video 6: Rolling up the finished product


These are being donated to places like Baby Your Baby, Mom & Baby Needs (WIC), Kids on the Move, Head Start Learning and LIfe on Wheels in Alabama (who help mothers get excited to keep their babies instead of having an abortion).  Many need receiving blankets for their new born babies.


Given to abuse and Human trafficking victims.

These soft comforting squares are a source of comfort and grounding for those suffering from traumatic experiences that cause anxiety and disconnect.  They have been given to local women's shelters, Autistics families, homeless, human trafficking safe houses, and 3rd world countries.

File Folder Game Instructions

1. Color cardstock pages with permanent markers or colored pencils.
2. Cut out cardstock shapes, following instructions on the front page.
3. Place smaller cut pieces in a small zip lock bag.
4. Place it in a colored file folder and return to SHW Service Center

    391 W 700 S Unit 2, Pleasant Grove.
Folders will be laminated and velcro dots attached by BYU Y-Serve
students to complete.

To volunteer, please let us know

how you would like to help...

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