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We are looking for the following volunteer positions to be filled. We appreciate your understanding in that none of these positions are paid. If this sounds like an exciting opportunity, please send your resume to

Board Member

Position Overview:

A Board Member is a passionate leader who desires to make a positive impact on the world through their engagement in the Stitching Hearts Worldwide mission. This position will require continuous education about those we serve, making decisions that are in the best interests of the organization, ensuring prudent use of assets, and looking ahead to help plan for the future. 



  • Uphold Stitching Hearts Worldwide philosophy, policies, and vision

  • Share your time, talent, and influence for the betterment of the organization

  • Commit to attend and actively participate in monthly board meetings

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • We are hoping for anyone with skills or experience that may be applicable to carry out our mission, such as, networking, marketing, fundraising, public speaking, or business acumen.

Project Manager

Position Overview:

We are looking for a passionate individual to support our Director in strategic planning, task management, and monitoring progress. You will be working to enhance productivity and with office management duties as needed. 



  • Work with the Director to coordinate and supervise departments and operations

  • Assist in developing, implementing, and monitoring plans; ensuring that operations remain on time and budget

  • Design the project goals and determine how success will be measured and tracked

  • Help manage and implement process and procedures 

  • Training new Lead Staff members on their roles and responsibilities

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Well-versed in operations management and associated software

  • Ability to communicate clearly, implement vision, think strategically, creatively problem solve, and exercise good judgment

  • Demonstrated success in roles requiring execution of multiple tasks while responding to multiple priorities

Event Coordinator

Position Overview:

We are looking for a kind-hearted individual to manage Events both Satellite and locally.  You would interact with businesses or individuals wishing to plan private events, coordinate with the Director and Event Supervisor to plan and execute service events.



  • Coordinate with Director for planning upcoming scheduled events.

  • Facilitate any needed equipment/supplies to the event facility.

  • Work with Volunteer Trainer to schedule training education for event staff or new volunteers 

  • Conduct ongoing evaluation of the programs and services delivered by volunteers and implement improvements as necessary.

  • Coordinate with Satellite groups any needed supplies/equipment

  • Plan and execute volunteer appreciation activities.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Volunteer recruitment and management

  • Customer service

  • Scheduling

Event Supervisor

Position Overview:

We are looking for someone who can assist local groups or businesses execute service projects.



  • Participate in planning calls with Event Coordinator to understand clients needs.

  • Be present to supervise during entire scheduled event and give a short 5 minute introduction of SHW, what we do and where finished items are going.

  • Answer communications with volunteers signed up to help at the event, providing support and additional guidance if needed.

  • At events interact positively with volunteers to help them feel important, comfortable and needed.  Encourage them to learn new skills, answer questions, help volunteers find something they are comfortable doing.

  • Maintain accurate records and provide reports on volunteer participation and feedback for each events to Event Coordinator.

  • Coordinate with Warehouse Manager if event is to be held at the SHW Warehouse.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Familiar with slideshow/video presentation methods

  • Good listening skills and can communicate well to staff and volunteers

  • Excellent public speaking and presentation skills

Volunteer Trainer

Position Overview:

We are looking for someone who would like to design and conduct training for our staff and volunteers. 



  • Works closely with Volunteer Manager to develop and implement training programs for all volunteers and staff (in-person and online)

  • Create all training materials and content

  • Conduct ongoing evaluation of the programs and services delivered by volunteers and implement improvements as necessary

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Familiar with video creation tools and instructional slideshow software

  • Good listening skills and can communicate well to staff and volunteers

  • Excellent public speaking and presentation skills

Warehouse Event Volunteer

Position Overview:

We are looking for someone to assist the Warehouse Manager to manage and teach volunteers during their Warehouse shifts and to help prepare for upcoming events.



  • Arrive 15 minutes early to your shift/shifts to help prepare for volunteers.

  • Teach or guide volunteers how to do specific projects being worked on that day.

  • Answer questions and be willing to work when not helping someone else.

  • Help prepare products for upcoming events.


Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Customer service experience and excellent interpersonal skills

  • Some sewing/craft skills would be helpful

  • Be reliable and attend one or more shifts a week (time requirement 3 - 14 hours weekly)

R&D Team Member

Position Overview:

We are looking for someone who can be a part of the development team.  Helping develop and make prototypes of new products.  We receive recycled products that need to be made into products able to bless and improving the lives of those receiving them.  



  • Identify and suggest new product opportunities, while being mindful of budget and utilizing available assets

  • Work with the R & D manager on assignments

  • Research, plan, and test new product ideas


Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Need sewing/crafting skills other designing skills are helpful

  • Think outside the box and have a creative mind

  • Be a good team player

Social Media Manager

Position Overview:

We are looking for someone familiar with Social Media platforms to help promote what we do, tell our story, and invite others to join us in serving their fellowman.


  • Work closely with all departments to get the story of what is happening.

  • Write blogs, Facebook posts depicting events and deliveries.

  • Be available to attend important events to take pictures/video's

  • Help produce/edit instructional videos or inspirational stories to be posted on the website

  • Help produce branding or event posters when needed

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Videographer skills very helpful

  • Need Social media know how, photography, writing, and computer skills

  • Be available 

Equipment Technician

Position Overview:

We are looking for someone who can help keep our event equipment in good repair and create new equipment as needed. 



  • Monitor and ensure equipment is in good repair. (looms, quilting frames, etc.)

  • Prepare equipment for events and assist in delivery/pick-up

  • Build and craft new equipment for events as needed


Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Must be able to lift 50lbs and in good health

  • Woodworking and handyman skills

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