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Who We Serve

We strive to provide meaningful service by connecting individuals and communities through loving acts of handmade service. Take a look below to see some of the people and charitable organizations we help.  Check out our blog to learn more.


Across the US

We continually partner with local and national non-profits helping provide relief and comfort to the homeless, special needs, children, refugees and hospital patients. 



Working with local refugees and partnering NPO's we make supplies to give those who have been displaced by political, environmental, or social unrest both locally and internationally.

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We are providing quilts, sleeping mats, dolls, backpacks and other necessary items to natural disaster victims as the need progressively increases through these turbulent times

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Children are one of God's greatest gifts.  We are dedicated to providing  quilts for warmth and comfort.  Hoping to give a piece of our hearts through these small acts of love.



Local US

During these trying times our team has worked tirelessly to make quilts for our LHI partners setting up apartments for local refugees and Youth living some homless, others in Foster Care.



One of the many miracles we have witnessed is the blessing service brings to those who serve. We are privileged to work with such kind and generous volunteers. 


Charitable Organizations We Serve

Baby Your Baby

Charity Anywhere

Childrens Justice Center

Community Action Food Bank

For the Kids

Franklin Acadamy

Hearts Knit Together

Khadija Islamic Mosque

Lifting Hands International

Magalia Community Church

Mom & Baby Needs (WIC)

Now I Can


Stepping Stones 24hr Day Care

Switch Point

Tabitha’s Way

United Way

Y.E.S.S Foundation

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