The fabric for this quilt was donated by a sweet women who had suffered a stroke.  Her husband donated hundreds of bags of her fabric to bless others.  He ended up giving us over 20 large garbage bags with some darling fabric.  Stitching Hearts volunteers lovingly sewed and tied this quilt together.  We all know it is satisfactory to find your beloved fabric is being used for a good cause.  Thank you for helping us continue serving through your donation!

Teddy Bear baby quilt

SKU: 00003
  • Quilt size: 42" x 57"  Made from cotton fabrics.

    Machine wash: Wash on gentel cycle. Use gentler fabric detergents. Some quilts might bleach in the machine.  Try adding a color catcher and a Retayne to your washing water.  

    Machine dry on low heat, then finish by hang drying.