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Twin Quilt:  68" X 90" 

Made with cotton fabric

Handmade by Stitching Hearts Volunteers

Busy Bee Fields Quilt

Artikelnummer: TQP-0723-018
  • TQP-0723-018

    Machine wash: Wash on gentle cycle using gentler fabric detergents.  Some quilts might bleed in the machine, so you can try adding a color catcher and a Retayne to your washing water.  Do not use Woolite as it is not formulated for quilt fabrics!

    Machine dry until your quilt is slightly damp, then continue  air drying outside.

    Hand wash:  Before hand-washing, ensure that the sink or tub you use is very clean. Fill the tub with cold water and add some detergent (perfume-free and dye-free.) Dip your quilt in water and ensure all parts of it are totally submerged. Keep tumbling the quilt once in a while for about 10 to 15 minutes. Drain the soapy water and refill the tub with fresh water. Add distilled white vinegar (1/2 cup) to the water.  This will rid any residue left behind by the detergent.  It will also ensure the colors appear bright and ensure the quilt remains soft.  

    Air Dry:  Dry quilt flat to prevent the threads from snapping during drying. If you have a giant quilt rack for drying, make sure to  support the quilt while transporting.  If not, prepare a bed of thick towels and spread it out flat on them.  

    Please be aware that frequent washing will fade the fabric in most quilts.

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